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Thread: Ending CoExistence

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    Ending CoExistence

    We are on Xe SP17 iSeries V5R1 coexistent and now planning to migrate to iSeries V5R3 and 8.11. I understand the minimum service pack to be on V5R3 is 23.

    Do we need to first migrate to SP23, and then end Coexistence and then migrate to 8.11 with too many steps.

    The other option we are considering is do a clean install of 8.11 on V5R3 and recreate the custom mods again. We are just using HR/Payroll and Financials and Fixed Assets Modules.

    Does anyone facing this kind of situation or can you please give us some suggestion about the best approach.

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    Re: Ending CoExistence

    It depends on your timeline. Yes, SP23 is a requirement for V5R3 so if you need to run Xe on V5R3 then you will have to put on SP23.

    As far as the upgrade, we did a 'test' upgrade from Xe to 8.11. Ending coexistence was the more exciting piece of that exercise. If you can do a clean install with 8.11 and redo your mods (which do not upgrade anyway), I would recommend that. Though what are you planning to do about your data? You could do a 'data only upgrade' which would simplify your upgrade though you still have to end coexistence first.

    I have heard that it is easier to go from World to 8.11 than from Xe to 8.11 so if you don't need to keep custom Xe code, I would suggest that you look at the World Direct Migration tools. They are called the Y1 ptf (for 8.10) and Y2 ptf (for 8.11). We have not tried those tools but any RPG based tool would be more efficient than using upgrade table conversion UBEs.

    Good luck.

    Sue Shaw
    Xe SP23 Coexistent V5R3.

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    Re: Ending CoExistence

    I would also suggest Direct Migration. I have done it multiple times and it works well.
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    Re: Ending CoExistence

    Have you done a World Migration for a customer who was Co-existent?
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    Re: Ending CoExistence

    I think some of you may be confused. Performing a direct migration for a co-existant system is not an option.

    I would recommend that you end co-existance immediately. Next, build your new iSeries ENT server and install a new DEP server with the correct tools release level. Begin the upgrade from Xe to 8.11.
    Jose D Phillips

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    Re: Ending CoExistence

    Jose is right. Once you're coexistnet you need to end coexistnece then upgrade. This can be done at the same time.

    I'm in the middle of doing an upgrade from A73 CUME 12 coexistent with OneWorld Xe Update 3 SP 17. The AS/400 is running V4R5 (yikes) and the Deployment Server is running Windows NT 4.0 SP 6.0a.

    I've just got DV and PY up on the following: iSeries 520 running V5R3, Deployment Server Windows 2003, JDE Tools Release 8.95_J1.

    For the purposes of upgrading there is NO requirement to change ANYTHING in your current environment. No Service Packs, no ESU's nada.

    Best approach is get new hardware for the Deployment Server and Enterprise Server. Replicate the system, changing the system names and updating the system tables. Now you're doing the upgrade on a seperat box. You don't need World running to end coexistence so ignore it. Get Xe up on the new box (now you need SP23) and end coexistence. Keep Xe available since you'll need it to end coexistence again later for PD.

    Install 811 and upgrade on the new box. After all you wonderful testing SAVE/RESTORE your PROD libraries from old AS/400 to new iSeries. End coexistence using the OneWorld Xe workstation you saved, do the 811 upgrade and voila J2EE everywhere.

    Colin Dawes
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