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Thread: Logistics Interoperability

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    Logistics Interoperability

    My client wants to interface JDE EnterpriseOne 8.11 with several external warehouse and transportation systems using flat file structures. The outbound transaction is a Despatch Request, which includes details about the different transportation route legs such as vessel name, loading date, port of exit and entry etc. The inbound transaction is a Despatch Confirmation, which includes details of the containers, pallet builds and barcodes.

    I cannot find any standard JDE Z-files to support this transportation interface. Has anyone any tips what the best approach would be?


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    Re: Logistics Interoperability

    There is no standard interface. I've written something similar to this as in an interface to Logility. We had a number of touch points which also allowed Logility to build loads as well as routes. Those were then brought back to E1. After shipping Logility was informed of what left the building. And lastly I used an ODBC connection to get the dollar amounts from Logility to update the shipping charges table.

    Of course I'm just scratching the surface of what the interface entailed. It was quite complex. That was over a year ago and the client is humming right along.
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    Assuming that this project is now finalized, could you give any implementation tips for anyone who's trying something similar for a logistics company (Cargolution, if you heard of them)?

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