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    Thanks for your input, it was very important since we have similar
    platforms, keep them coming. We are hoping to hear more inputs and
    hopefully good results on SP15, so we can install soon.

    Tricia Rosas
    Assoc. Technical Specialist
    OW:B733.2 SP11.3/AS400 V4R3/WNT 4.0/SQL 7.0

    <roland_rueegg@fs To:> cc:
    Sent by: Subject: AW: AW: B7332 Service pack 14.1

    03/27/01 01:17 PM
    Please respond to


    We have just installed SP15 and are fine so far. At least we have found big
    bugs, yet. Except multilingual package build, however SQL helps sometimes
    and the first full package was successful.
    OW:B733.2/SP15.0/AS400 V4R4/A7.3E9/DEP: W2000/DB2 Central Objects

    Cheers Roland.

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    Re: SP15

    Hi there,

    We've implemented SP15 on Monday. We're still in development phase so lot of testing has been going on. Looks good so far - no issues and seems to have fixed a few problems we've had since implementing SP14. Implemented on our AS400 env. so far - implementing on SQL 7 env. tomorrow.


    Sanjeev Harrish
    Systems Architect

    Live Env. - B7332 SP15, AS400 v4r5, Citrix Metaframe (Windows 2000 Servers), NT 4 Apps Server

    Dev. Env. - B7332 SP14, NT 4, SQL 7, Citrix Metaframe (Windows 2000

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