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Thread: Problem launching a UBE B from UBE A on server

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    Problem launching a UBE B from UBE A on server

    The situation we have is as follows: An online application runs a BSFN that submits UBE A. At the end of UBE A, a submission is done to UBE B.

    When run locally on a FAT client, this works very well. UBE A finishes processing and waits for UBE B to finish before ending.

    When run on a server (Citrix), the second UBE may finish before UBE A has completed doing what it's supposed to. Resulting in a blank PDF.

    Theoretically, the approach is sound. What are we doing incorrectly?

    Thank you for the help!

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    Re: Problem launching a UBE B from UBE A on server


    What release are you on. In theory a Citrix client should be no different from the FAT client , unless you use a "W" environment for Citrix which has a default mapping to run on the server etc.

    Do jobs fired from the citrix run locally or go to the server.

    You want UBE A to end only after UBE B has finished processing..?

    Are you calling the report interconnect ( A--> B) synchronously or asynchronously.

    Also go through solution ID - 200985727 on the PeopleSoft site to get a better understanding of the same.
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    Re: Problem launching a UBE B from UBE A on server


    it sounds like your are submitting your UBE(s) in a multi threaded queue... probably in the default QB7333 job queue. Have you tried sending them in a single threaded queue where they will get processed in the correct order?

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    Re: Problem launching a UBE B from UBE A on server

    Did you find a solution to this condition? I have the same issue and am not sure how to proceed.

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