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Thread: 8.10 N1 Very Slow Package Build

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    8.10 N1 Very Slow Package Build

    Hi List

    We are in the early phases of an upgrade from Xe to E810 and are having problems with very slow full package builds.

    Full builds are taking 20 hours to complete (was 6 hours on Xe).

    We have tried:-

    Turning anti-virus off
    Re-indexing F9860, 61 and all central object tables
    Built stats on the OL and Central Object data sources
    Checked jde.ini flag so Wait for Bus Build is set to Y

    No single part of the build seems to be the culprit just every area is slower.

    Anyone had similiar problems on N1? Anyone got any other ideas what to try?


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    Re: 8.10 N1 Very Slow Package Build

    Please let me know if you find a resolution. We are in a similar situation. It takes about 20 hours to complete a client & server build. Client takes 14 hours and the server takes 6 hours. In XE, we could do a build in 8 hours.

    EnterpriseOne 81.0 Tools 8.94_N1
    Deployment Server - Windows 2000
    Database - Oracle
    Enterprise Servers - HP-UX 11i

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    Re: 8.10 N1 Very Slow Package Build


    I ran into this issue and opened up a call with support. What I noticed was that when the table and NERs were being pulled from Central Objects to create the .c and .h files during BusBuild, it was taking an inordinate amount of time, the specs would actually finish before BusBuild was done. Once the .c and .h files were created, the build would finish in a normal amount of time. I got a call back and this issue is supposedly fixed in 8.94_R.

    Matthew Scott

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