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Thread: Flexible Accounting AAI's are killing me

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    Flexible Accounting AAI\'s are killing me

    Please, oh please help.

    I'm trying to retrieve an AAI for an flexible account. I've tried to use B4000350 but only retieve the object account.

    Does anyone know how to, or where I can see what to pass into the buisness function so I can return the ANI. My end result is to populate the F0911Z1 ANI.

    If there's an easier way to do it, please let me know.

    This is a very urgent issue (needs to be in todays build) so any information will help.

    Thank you everyone <font color="red"> </font>

    Thomas G, Ferrara

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    Re: Flexible Accounting AAI\'s are killing me

    OK - I don't know how to use the function, but I can help you find examples of how to use it.

    If you go to the Cross Reference (debug in the fast path and you'll find the cross reference in the menu on the right side)... you can find where the function is used, then look and see how it is used.

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    Re: Flexible Accounting AAI\'s are killing me

    Please, see the attached screenshot - the highlighted rows are returned back from the function, the b/w values are inputs...
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    Alexander Pastuhov

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