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Thread: Vertex Reporting Within JDE RDA

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    Vertex Reporting Within JDE RDA

    Hello folks,

    I’m trying to do Vertex reporting within OneWorld Xe using the RDA tools. The obvious problem I’m having is to bring the Vertex tables into OneWorld and create a business view.

    I understand a new data source needs to be created but how do I bring the Vertex tables, alias and alias spec into JDE ?

    Any help will greatly be appreciated.


    OneWorld Xe Update 7 SP23_K1
    ES= AS/400 ( V5R3 )
    Deply = WIN2K
    Client WIN2K Citrix Presentation3

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    Re: Vertex Reporting Within JDE RDA

    My suggestion would be to create custom JDE tables for your required Vertex data. Then you need to create a script that will dump the required vertex data into a flat file (staging table). You would then need to use a JDE table conversion to import the data from the flat file. Build your JDE business views over these new tables.
    You can now use RDA...
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