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Thread: How to call Rowexit Automatically-Form already open

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    How to call Rowexit Automatically-Form already open

    Hi Guys,

    I Created HEADELESS DETAIL FORM and using row exit(Eg:- GoToF/B) i take an exit to Findbrowse form.

    In find browse form i select couple of grid records and take an Row exit(Return value-This row exit will write return values to a temporary table) and closes the Find browse form and shows the HEADELESS DETAIL FORM.

    And once i return to HEADELESS DETAIL FORM I Click another Row exit(Get Values) to get values from temporary tables.

    Here i need to call this roweixt(Getvalues) automatically once the find browse form closes or HEADELESS DETAIL FORM Opens

    In which event can i perform this (Tryed using "PressButton" in Post dialog is initialised/Grid record is fetched event and debugged but the debugger is not getting called(This because the form is already open as defined in point 1)

    Guys can you help me out


    one world xe_oracle_AIX

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    Re: How to call Rowexit Automatically-Form already open

    Try this:

    For calling F/B form, you must have written an event in the Row exit button like this,

    call(App:P55XXXX, Form: W55XXXXA), right?

    Call the "Get Value" row exit button immediately after this event rule, like this

    Button Clicked: (Under F/B Row Exit event)
    call(App:P55XXXX, Form: W55XXXXA), ---> this one calls F/B
    call(App:P55XXXX, Form: W55XXXXB), --->this one immediately calls "Get Value" as soon as you close F/B.

    Hope this would help!!!!!!

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    Re: How to call Rowexit Automatically-Form already open

    Hi sudhakar

    Thanks man it's working cool

    one world xe_oracle_AIX

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