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    Re: Engineer To Order

    We are implementing B 810.But we are not able to run PRP.Can you please through some light on it.Since manuals also does not give much inputs.

    Awaiting your reply.

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    Hi. Did you folks get ETO up and running? My client is going through the process and it looking for someone to provide information. Specifically a user of ETO.
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    We evaluated ETO under version 8.9 years ago - it wasn't ready then.

    Currently on 9.0 and just finished another ETO Evaluation.

    Results this time:
    - Can give you visibility of Project Related Work Orders and Purchase Orders.
    - Ties in to Cost Accounting fairly well
    - Visibility in Supply and Demand
    - Still had several bugs in it - but those can be fixed / worked around
    - No visibility of Project Inventory (there can be visibility of "Committed" Inventory if you use hard commits, but not of inventory purchased and never used for the project)
    - The Project Workbench doesn't play well with the rest of the system in my opinion - assumes only 1 person in the Workbench at a time. Easy to get conflicts between changes made to orders inside the workbench and changes made using other programs.
    - No good way to tie Project Shippable Items to Sales Order Lines. This is an issue for our company but may not be for yours.

    Net, net it could be made to work under 9.0 (apparently there are companies that are making it work) but since we're beginning our 9.1 upgrade we decided to wait and try again under 9.1.
    Larry Jones
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    Larry. Thanks. You willing to discuss issues with me and my client?
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