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Thread: Help on Retrieve Data Selection Business Function

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    Help on Retrieve Data Selection Business Function

    I would like to know the usage of the business function RetrieveDataSelection .
    It will be also helpful if there is some other method by which we can retieve the data selection entered by the user.

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    Re: Help on Retrieve Data Selection Business Function

    The implementation of the B9600430 is an object-based implementation. To use the B9600430, you need to do the following:

    1. Create a report with a business view
    2. On the Do Section event, call stop section processing (i.e. do not let the UBE engine do anything)
    3. Put all you ER in the End Section.
    4. Create a variable in ER of type CDHNDL
    5. Call InitSelection (pass in table or view name) it passes an initialized idRecordSet back
    6. Call RetreiveDataSelection (I know it was misspelled) with the idRecordSet and the sectionID. The section ID can be found using UTB with TAMMenus=Show. Look up the RDASPEC record for your UBE. Note that if you just added your UBE and you want the main section this section will be id 1. (It's somewhat of a pain I know)
    7. Add additional data selection with AddSelect.
    8. Call Select to do the selection
    9. Fetch and process records in a business function
    10 when you are done, make sure to call Cleanup and pass in the idRecordSet.

    For a complete end-to-end example, you can look at the report R9647I.

    What you will notice is that the B9600430 is a data selection system (Init, use, cleanup). It is useful to use when you want to get the reports data selection and do non-trivial data selection and processing.

    Chris Bruce

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    Re: Help on Retrieve Data Selection Business Function

    If you still cannot figure out how to use RetrieveDataSelection BSFN after spending some time to study R9647I, send an email to me,

    I may have some solution for you.
    Tsunghan Tim Hui
    ERP 8.12, Tool Release
    DB=SQL 2005

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