Hi List,

I have a problem with my MS Visual C++ 6.0. I hope you can help me with.

When running a debug session, from time to time, it simply stops going to the next break point. I've never seen this before. The machine is a company supplied Dell running MS Windows 2000 pro 5.00.2195 Sevice Pack 4 with a Mobil Intel Pentium 4 chip at 3.06 GHz with 512 ram.

The strange thing is, it does not seem to be frozen. I can still browse, set break points, remove break points, go to different windows... But the icons to step and go to next break point just go grey, (the command keys F5,F10 don't work either) and I can no longer proceed with the debug.

I would guess there is a setting I don't know about that limits the number of steps I can do, but the number of steps I can do seem to vary. I thought memory problems, and running it by it's self does seem to help, but wouldn't it freeze completely if it was memory? And other programs continue to run when the debugger stops.

I'm debugging some problems in the base code and this is really hurting my productivity.

Any help appreciated.



Peoplesoft Interprise One service pack 20
Compac/Dell Servers, Dell fat clients.