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Thread: ST/OT Open Inventory

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    ST/OT Open Inventory

    We currently have a problem with ST/OT orders during month end.

    Say we create an ST to ship product to a different location. The ST is ship confirmed and posted to GL. The OT is create but has not been received since the truck is still on the road.

    Is there an existing report that shows the open inventory in transit (Item and Cases)? The GL shows $900,000 in the transit account but where is the supporting documentation on what makes up that balance?


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    Re: ST/OT Open Inventory

    Hi Sean!
    Unfortunately, there is no such standard report. I guess all the comapnies using ST/OT eventuelly create their own reports for this purpose. Alternatively, you could use receipts routing for the OT:s to have better control of the intransit stock. (i.e as soon as the ST order is shippped, the OT is receipted into routing) This would give you some degree of control.
    Another alternative is to use transportation loads as you can flag the loads as being in transit until they are delivery confirmed.

    Using just the G/L is usually not enough as the G/L never tends to balance out even when all the ST:s and OT:s are confirmed/receipted

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    Re: ST/OT Open Inventory

    I had another thought on this. Our OT orders get placed at a status of 250 when generated from an ST. The shipping clerk then advances the status of the OT order to a 400 for receipt.

    If I create a report that totals the open balance for OTs, which were generated by an ST, for status 400, I should get the total on the road. Also, I can run the same report for status 250 to get the total "ready to ship".

    Sean Selman
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    Re: ST/OT Open Inventory

    Hi Sean

    There is an article in the tips and traps section I wrote quite a while ago, but is still valid:

    It explains how to use flex accounting to reconcile ST/OT orders. Some additional comments:
    * You can also use flex accounting by AAI. In this case I would use 4220 and 4320 (This means 4230 and 4245 are pointing to the same clearing account)
    * You may need to set up subledger type 'Y'. Don't forget to put an 'N' in the first character of the second description of the UDC
    * You can use the bank rec programs to fully and formally reconcile the Stock in transit account. However you must set up the GLRC AAI first, before you can run R09130

    Hope this helps.
    Sef van den Nieuwelaar

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    Re: ST/OT Open Inventory

    ST/OT tracking is one of the more cumbersome in JDE because there is no canned report that tracks this and there is really no good inquiry screen to use that shows both the ST and OT status on the same screen. I created a very simple SQL statement with a simple join using f4211, f42119, f4311, and f43121 tables. Depending on status of the orders will determine what table it actually pulls from. The trick is making sure that the manufacturing folks are keeping the ST and OT orders up to date in teh system. This report allows them to have some visibility on the ship confirmation of an ST order and how that impacts the inventory. Also, it shows them that the OT order may still be open and needs to be received. Basically it is a tracking report that they use to determine where loads are in the system vs. where they are physically.

    The one thing that I don't like about ST/OT is how they show up on the Supply and Demand screen (P4021). The ST decreases the inventory from the shipped location (which is fine) but the OT immediately increases the availability of the item before it is received even though it is a 3-4 day leadtime from one plant to another. We have a different version of the P4021 that has a different set of supply and demand inclusion rules to hide the OT orders, but then this loases the visibility of my OT orders. Hope this helps.
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