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Thread: Error in Sales Update - R42800

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    Error in Sales Update - R42800

    We are facing one error while doing sales update. We are calling our own print invoice report and internally its calling first sales update then its printing the invoice.
    We are attaching price adjustments for item being sold.

    The errors in the work center are

    Subject :
    Cause. . . . . The Sales Update program (R42800) has received a General Ledger
    error(s) from the business function F0911FSEditLine in the G/L Batch Number
    8498 and Batch type IB.
    Resolution . . Please review and correct the error(s).


    Subject : Error: Blanks Invalid
    CAUSE . . . . The data field being processed does not allow blanks or zeros
    to be entered.
    RESOLUTION. . Enter a non-blank or non-zero value.

    I have also attached a screen shot of the work center

    Awaiting valuable suggestions at the earliest. Thanks in advance

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    Re: Error in Sales Update - R42800

    The old "Blanks Invalid".... was the second level text on this message any
    help???? - only kidding.

    I cannot see your WC screen print attachment on the web site, but this
    normally isn't much help in this situation anyway.

    You mention Advanced Pricing, do you still get errors if you don't have
    Advanced Pricing turned on (overriding the price will do this)? As your
    error is coming from FS0911EditLine, you would suspect that it is a problem
    with the Account Number it wants to post to. Are you using Flex Accounting
    ? Is there an issue with the field you are populating into the
    BU/Subsid/Subledger? That's a start, but it's nearly all guess work as to
    what it could be from here. It could be an ERP8 bug or it could be set up
    related. Does it happen on all orders or only specific scenrios?

    One way to try and narrow this down is to run the job again using the
    'Advanced' option, check the jdedebug.log and set Logging Level = 6. The
    batch job will produce a log which you can review from your submitted jobs
    screen (View Logs row exit). If you scan for F0911FSEditLine you can step
    through what this BSFN is doing (especially the SQL statements - SELECT,
    UPDATE...). You might be lucky and find the culprit. If you have access to
    any technical resource they should be able to help you walk through this.

    Alternatively it is a matter of walking through your set-up again

    Good Luck


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    Re: Error in Sales Update - R42800

    This error usually ocurrs when the sales update did not find one account number (AID) in F0901 whit the key (MCU.OBJ.SUB) from DMAAI and MCU from SO (if the field MCU on DMAAI is blank) and try to update F0911 with this field ( AID ) with blanks.
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    Re: Error in Sales Update - R42800

    Thanks for your replies guys...

    The problem was with the particular price adjustment schedule I guess. We defined a new price adjustment schedule from scratch and we were able to get it to work. How ever I could'nt really figure out what was wrong with the earlier price adjustment schedule i was using

    Thanks any ways..
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    Exclamation Sales Update Error in Work Centre R42800


    I need some help please.

    When I run the R42800 it runs into error and sometimes there is NO message in the Work Centre. I rebuild the report and now I get the following message:

    Informational: Call From : Marianne Van Der Walt
    Contact :
    Phone Number :
    Tickler Date : 06/11/2019
    Subject : Error: Invalid Sales Journal Data Select
    Cause: The Sales Journal data selection is using a data item from F4201 table.
    Resolution: Use data selection data items from the F4211 table only.

    Can someone please tell me what this error means and where will I find it
    Thanks Marianne

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    I've seen this often when using data selection in sales order processing. The field in the data selection is both in the F4201 (header table) and the F4211 (detail table) for the business view. Go into your data selection screen and find the data selection you are using that states that it is being selected from the F4201 table. Use the drop down to select the same data item but make sure it say F4211. If this isn't clear attach a print of your data selection being used because without seeing that I can't tell what data item you've selected from the F4201 table that is erroring out.

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