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Thread: convertion of logs in AS400 to PC File

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    convertion of logs in AS400 to PC File

    Does anyone knows a way to configure my windows explorer or my client access, so I could see my log files in AS/400 IFS, directly in my explorer.
    Today if I try to visualise any IFS file in my PC, it only shows me garbage.

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    Re: convertion of logs in AS400 to PC File

    You need to configure the IFS properties within the AS/400 Operations Navigator by adding a File extension of .log to be automatically converted from EBCDIC to ASCII. To do this: expand your AS400 connection within the Operations Navigator till you are able to see the entry for "Integrated File System", right click on it and select Properties. Add .log as a File extension to convert and Allow edit menu option for Text files, and click OK. This will enable you to expand the IFS to view the .log files, right click on them and select EDIT to view.
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    Re: convertion of logs in AS400 to PC File

    Another Option is to share the JDEB733x folder using Client Access Operation Navigator and then you should be able to access the share through the Windows explorer.

    Start --> run --> \\your400name


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