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Thread: AS400 CUM 3161520

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    AS400 CUM 3161520

    Anyone load os400 cumpack 3161520 and sf99502.
    I am getting intermitent cf32a6 messages indicating a xref integrity problem and to run rclstg. IBM indicates it is not affecting the application and they are working on a fix. Is anyone experiencing the same problem??

    Ed Solack
    OW-XE sp21/ES-As400 v5r2/DEP-Nt4.0 CentralObj on As400/Citrix TS

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    Re: AS400 CUM 3161520

    I am as well. My IBM rep told me the RCLSTG was not
    helping other clients. Has it helped anyone?
    --- Solack <> wrote:

    Dan Eppich
    The Anschutz Corporation
    XE Coexistant, V5R1 w/central objects
    Optio DCS 7.7.3
    Fat and Citrix ICA via NFUSE

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    Production - I5 V5R4 Citrix, 8.12 TR8.98 w/ oas

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