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Thread: OneWorld - Down or Up? How can you report?

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    OneWorld - Down or Up? How can you report?

    We have a requirement to monitor the downtime / uptime of our JDEdwards system. I am aware of the tools such as SAW which can alert when there is an issue, but really I want to monitor the time that either logins / ube's e.t.c. were up or down.

    We have the hardware side covered - its just the application side.

    I know that loads of you must be monitoring this to report figures to managers / directors e.t.c. - any advise?



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    Re: OneWorld - Down or Up? How can you report?

    Your helpdesk can help you on this. If you track when issues are opened and when they are resolved, you can get a total of the issue related downtime, then add that to your known scheduled downtime. That should get you a pretty realistic view of your up time.
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