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Thread: Upgrade from B7322

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    Upgrade from B7322


    We are planning an upgrade from release B7322.

    My understanding is that it is possible to upgrade directly from B7332 to
    ERP8 but prior to B7332 needs a 2-stage upgrade - does any one have any
    further views or thoughts on this ?

    If it does have to be a 2-stage upgrade, would it be B7322 - Xe (B7333)
    followed by Xe - ERP8 ?

    Thanks, regards

    Andy Smith
    Whitehouse Consultants
    Win2K SQLServer7 Xe

    Andy Smith
    Whitehouse Consultants
    UK Technical Consultant
    Windows 2000 Server, UNIX, AS400, Oracle9, SQL2K, DB2

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    Re: Upgrade from B7322

    Hi Andy

    You are correct in your statement. One of my clients is in the process of upgrading from B7322 to E81 and our CNC Consultant (a frequent forum user, Alex Pastuhov) explained the two step process. However to the outside world the technical CNC side of the upgrade is pretty seemless. XE will exist in principle but this is only an intermediate stage and adds only about one day to the process.
    Maybe a CNC expert can expand on this.

    Sef van den Nieuwelaar

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