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Thread: How to change OCM mappings

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    How to change OCM mappings

    HI! May be this is a very easy question, but I didn´t found the answerd in any document.
    Our installation has 2 Enterprise Servers. One of them (named ENTERPRISE1) also have the Oracle RDBM. Every time we make a change to SYSTEM OCM mapping, we need to restart JDE services on ENTERPRISE1 for changes take efects on clients.
    The question is ¿how can we change the configuration so changes to SYSTEM OCM mappings take efect when we restart JDE services on the other Enterprise Server (named ENTERPRISE2), not in ENTERPRISE1.

    Luis Carrizo
    Technical Manager

    XE, Update 6, SP19.1 Oracle 8.1.5, NT4

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    RE: How to change OCM mappings

    I'm not so sure if I understood your questions.
    Anyway, let me try ...
    Clients use the system OCM table, Enterprise Server(s) use the Server Map
    OCM table(s). After making changes to the system OCMs all you need is reset
    your client sessions.
    If you make changes to the server map OCMs, in that case you need to
    re-initilized the services. Servers may have each it's own set of server map
    tables, however, if they are the same platform, they may share the same set.

    Hope this helped, Gerd

    B732 - ERP8, Unix, Windows, Oracle, SQL, WTS, JAS

    B732 - E8.9, Unix, AS400, Windows, Oracle, SQL, WTS, JAS

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    Re: RE: How to change OCM mappings


    your answerd was absolutly correct.

    I think we kept that concpet from B7331, but now It work like you said.

    Thanks you very much for your help!!

    Best Regards, Luis

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