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Thread: JDE User logon

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    JDE User logon

    I have been recommennded by JDE to never change the JDE password. My question relates to the use of this logon. Am I correct in saying that there are 2 instances where this JDE profile is used?

    One for the database (which is difficult to change) and one as a superuser logon that is primarily used during an implementation.

    I would like to change the user profile password from JDE as anyone can access the system using JDE (user ID) JDE (password).

    Are there any implications to changing this password. Is this profile different to the database 'JDE' profile or are they linked in any way.


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    Re: JDE User logon


    You have got 2 tasks:
    1. Change Oneworld's JDE user password.
    Change it. Then modify jde.ini on enterprise (type new password where is it necessary).
    2. Change database's user JDE password.
    Change it. Then modify jde.ini on enterprise (type new password where is it necessary - it's different with first task!). Then modify security record in OneWorld for all users (and for JDE user too).
    May be you need make the same modifications with Client jde.ini
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    Re: JDE User logon

    First of all I don't know why JDE recommended for you not to change the JDE password. We have changed the password because it was a very big risk for the enterprise network to have a well known password.

    You have to consider 3 areas (NT, DB, OW). There is document in the KG ( OTI-01-0010 ) on how to change the JDE password.

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    Re: JDE User logon

    I have been advised the same by a JDE R/L consultant some long time ago. The reason given then was that OW will not work any more if you changed the original password. Luckily I knew better then.

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    Re: JDE User logon

    We change the password of JDE user everyyear. There are no implications at all. We keep the password of all JDE users(NT, OS and database) same( not a requirement), but easy to remember. Just follow the document OTI-01-0010.

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    Re: JDE User logon

    While changing the JDE password is not as simple as going in and changing
    it in one location, you can and SHOULD change this.

    Depending on where you've used this ID, your platform, and a host of
    other scenarios, your task may be large or small, but if you are still
    using the default password for JDE, shame, shame on you!!! Actully,
    more shame on anyone who told you not to change it.

    Provide more information and I'm sure the helpful lister's will let you
    know how to get this done.



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