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Thread: Solution Explorer - Menu Drop downs

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    Solution Explorer - Menu Drop downs

    We are trying to implement Solution Explorer. In testing we have noticed that on the main menu bar under tools there is a section that contains OMW, RDA and BV. Is there a way I can remove this section from the system. I would rather not have the aggravation of letting people know that they have been secured from these applications.

    Also, during package deployment is there a way to exclude the oexplore.exe from being deployed to the Fat Clients thus forcing them to use SE?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    Timm Davis
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    Re: Solution Explorer - Menu Drop downs

    You can prevent the OneWorld Explorer icon from being added to the Program Group and Desktop by commenting out the Oexplore.exe lines in the PackageName.INF file. This entry exists in the [START] and [Desktop] sections at the end of the PackageName.inf. Simply add a semicolon to the beginning of the lines that add the OneWorld.ico to comment it out and prevent it from being run, else delete the lines entirely.
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    Re: Solution Explorer - Menu Drop downs

    Use Fine Cut to make the options disapear from the task relationships. This should be done for every group you setup.
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