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Thread: Palm and Pocket PC and RF Scanning

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    Palm and Pocket PC and RF Scanning

    Hello List,

    The client is using JDE in a retail environment. They are using the HTML version.
    They are interested in the feasability of using JDE HTML on Palm and/or Pocket PC to scan the inventory at various locations.
    They are also interested in the ability to work offline and upload to JDE at a later date.
    If they are using the JDE html screen can it be put on a pocket PC?
    I guess that custom development would have to be done because of the screen size?
    I believe that JDE works on pocket PC but I'm not sure about Palm.
    Any information anyone can provide is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Palm and Pocket PC and RF Scanning

    Check out, they have a pocket PC version and should be able to produce one for Palm: or 866-894-0999 or 574.272.8500 (ask for Tom Templin)
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    Re: Palm and Pocket PC and RF Scanning

    My company, Computer Discoveries, Inc., provides ERP2Web, an e-commerce JDE World & OneWorld solution. Customer requirements have expanded the functionality of E2W beyond core "order management." It's zero client HTML based and supports wireless (802.11) "Pocket PC" devices like Symbol PDA's, certain Intermec handhelds, etc. It provides basic RF/Bar-coding inventory tracking functions (issues, counts, transfers, picks, receipt in, etc.) All E2W functions work in real time with JDE business logic. With OneWorld, using our latest .Net version (we also have Java) we have an XML adapter working with OneWorld Object/MBF's. Info can be found at:
    Doug Palaske
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