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Thread: Transaction Processing

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    Transaction Processing

    Hiya all. It was nice to have met a couple of people at Global Conference
    and place a face with the messages on here. That said, here is my question
    maybe someone had some experience in.

    I am loading data into the F0911z1 table using the R09110Z report. If the
    report is run in draft mode, it is ok. If the report is run in final, it
    hangs. I have troubleshot the issue down the the transaction processing
    being turned on in the report. If I turn the transaction processing option
    off, it runs fine. This occurs both on the server and locally. I looked at
    the DB (SQL 2000 SP2) and noticed that we get a blocking issue. If I kill
    the blocking process, the job compeltes, but fails. I compared the report in
    production where it works, and it is setup with the transaction processing
    on. Therefore the only thing I can think of is either 1) the business
    function(s) involved for transaction processing were not built properly the
    last time, or 2) the DEV database has a setting different from the
    production server. There are a number of SQL timeout thresholds you can set
    but I have not dug into it yet.
    Questions- Does anyone know what business function(s) are involved in
    transaction processing? If so, I could move them from production and rebuild
    them and see if it works..and 2) does anyone know of the specific sql
    threshold that applies to blocking and how long a process will wait for the
    blocking process to complete? I know the basics of SQL server, and am not
    getting into it deeper, so excuse me for my freshman question pertaining to

    OneWorld B733.3 (XE)
    SP 19.1_B1, Update 6
    Win2k Server SP2
    SQL 2000, SP2
    Metaframe 1.8a

    John Gersic
    JDE CNC Administrator
    MicroStrategy, Inc.
    Ph: 703.744-6057
    1861 International Drive
    McLean, VA 22102 <>

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    Re: Transaction Processing

    Did you ever get a resolution to this issue? We are seeing similar issues with locking when this report runs.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    RE: Transaction Processing

    No, we have never gotten any real response from Peoplesoft - I suspect with
    Xe quickly approaching its sunset, they really are not going to pour
    developers on resolving current issues..What I ended up doing was turning
    off the transaction processing for the report and it runs perfectly fine. In
    fact we came another report/ube that had the same issue and again turning
    off the transaction processing resolved it (although I don't remember
    off-hand what report it was). I have learned a lot from this experience,
    its fascinating how little Xe really ensures data integrity (esp.
    referential) in its applications and reports, its something that more
    corruption has not occurred. From what I have read about ERP 8.9 and higher,
    the entire DB middleware was redone, so I suspect it is much more robust in
    this area.
    Sorry I couldn't be of more help...

    Xe, Update6 SP19.1_B1
    SQL2k SP2, WIN2k SP4
    Metaframe XPe SP3

    9.1, Tools, Websphere 7, SQL Server 2008, Win2k8R2, Citrix

    Instance 2:Xe/B733.3 SP22Q1

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