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Thread: AS400 performing like a dog!

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    AS400 performing like a dog!

    We currently have an AS400 running XE SP20r1 + 2 citrix servers. The box simply does not perform under a 20+ user load. Does anybody have any advise on memory pools/subsystems to increase the performance?

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    RE: AS400 performing like a dog!

    Need to know your config. Model, # of CPU's, total Dasd, total Dasd used, Memory Available, etc

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    Darrell Allison
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    Re: AS400 performing like a dog!

    Have a look at how many pre-start jobs you have running on start up (DSPACTPJ SBS(QSERVER) PGM(QIWS/QZDASOINIT). If it's set to 1 or 25, you need to change it ( 6 x # of users). It will slow down your star up but the AS/400 doesn't have to create connection everytime a user signs on. Also try to put JDEB7334 and QSERVER subsystems in a separate pool with fixed mem.

    Search IBM site for J.D. Edwards OneWorld Xe Implementation on the iSeries Server red book. It has some good suggestions.
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