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Thread: Citrix Logging

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    Citrix Logging

    Hi List,

    We are having problems with our thin clients. Users keep getting booted out of JDE for what seems to be no particular reason, at random times, in various applications.

    To investigate the problem further I would like to turn the logging on for one of our Citrix Servers. Is this a big no no or even possible?

    I am assuming you turn logging just like a fat client and then a separate debug file is created in each user’s profile. However, I would like some confirmation on this.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Citrix Logging

    You can turn on logging to your Citrix users but you have to use their own INI file the one in their profices dierctory. Do you have any time out set on Citrix. Do you have any other application on your Citrix Server, you can test it that way to verify that it is in fact JDE that is causing the issue. It is possible that the issue is with Citrix itself and there might be a hot fix for the issue. Have you Citrix admin check with Citrix to see if there is an issue with it dropping connections.
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    Re: Citrix Logging

    Cheers Cleola,

    If I can eliminate JDE I'll start on the Citrix boxes.

    Someone else has sent me a good document with reference to activating logging (ott-00-0041).

    Thanks for now.
    Windows 2000 SP2 and SQL 2000 SP2
    JDE Xe Sp18 and Update3

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