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    I am a French JDE Consulting who works on JDE from now 9 years on distribution & manufacturing
    I need help on copying file from one environment to a second one - R98403, to be sure I will not have future problems
    I read JDE paper fix OTM-01-0075 about Copying files from one environment to a second one - R98403, but I don't understand option 7 "Enter a A to re-create existing tables in data sources that allow automatic table creation. Default is not to re-create tables"
    For example in PY7333 people update a large amount of records in F0007 table (workday calendar). They want to copy the records in PD7333.
    My tests are the following
    Option 1 to 5: I enter target environment, target data source, 2, data source, source environment, and
    option 6 always to 1 - Final mode
    option 8 always to 1 -
    option 9 = Y to only add records without clearing the target table.
    if option 7 is = to A or = C, copy is successful, but records are sorted differently when I look at the result by UTB
    - What is the exact meaning (or use) of this option?
    - Will this option update the FROM table (as the text option could indicate)?
    - What is the correct option for copying Static data like F0007, or other general constant tables?


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    RE: R98403


    this option means that R98403 will re-created this table, wiping out the
    existing one in th etarget data source. Leave it blank if you want to insert
    some records only. Set option 9 to Y.
    If you want to add records for some tables only be sure to list these tables
    the data selection.
    Run in Proof Mode first und verify the output before doing the real copy.

    R98403 is very handy when used correctly. If not, it can create big problems
    for you.

    Bonne chance, Gerd

    B732 - ERP8, Unix, Windows, Oracle, SQL, WTS, JAS

    B732 - E8.9, Unix, AS400, Windows, Oracle, SQL, WTS, JAS

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