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Thread: How to clean F01131M?

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    How to clean F01131M?

    Dear List! The table F01131M eats DB space as hungry crocodile in my database. It takes more than 60% of my DB space. Is it possible to stop its grow? Another question: which UBE can clean this table? I have tryed to run R01131P - nothing changed. Have I to use "delete" SQL statement? Thank you.

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    Re: How to clean F01131M?


    You may want to refer to document # ott-01-0081 on the Knowledge Garden. However, since you are on ERP8, you shouldn't be having this problem. You may still want to review the document in case it might have some information that could help you.
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    RE: How to clean F01131M?

    Check out document ott-01-0064 to purge the F01131M, F01131, F01133, F00165, F98860, and F98865. You might need to apply some fixes before running the R01131P (SARs 4367619 and 3666502). I'm sorry that I don't have the ESUs for the fixes.

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