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    Speed over T!


    I have a sister company using XE via Citrix over a T1. We have just begun our CRP and users are already complaining about intermittent latency with tabbing across fields and with data entry. Any thoughts or suggestions about what might be causing this intermittent latency?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Re: Speed over T!


    This could be a large list of reasons why you're receiving issues.

    1. How many users are at the branch ?
    2. FullT1 or Fractional T1 ?
    3. Whats the "PING" between the branch and the TSE
    4. are you running VPN ?
    5. What display options have you set up for each user ? High graphics ? Move it down to 256 colors or less for WAN connections (Oneworld only uses 16 colors after all)
    6. What else is on the network ?
    7. What is the server ?
    8. Is the Terminal server next to (segment wise) the Enterprise Server ?
    9. What is your Enterprise Server
    10. Where are your business functions mapped ?

    Answer the above, then I'll be able to help !

    Jon Steel
    EnterpriseOne/SOA Technical Architect
    24/7 Assistance - (904) 382 5701

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