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Thread: Advanced Pricing - BC8

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    Advanced Pricing - BC8

    I need to make sure that my SO unit price always ends in "9". I'm trying to use Basis Code 8 to make an external program call and do the appropriate rounding up or down. I'm having trouble retrieving the current net price from the F40UI74. I've tried using B4200210 to fetch the Sales Order Row based on the GENLNG pointer passed thru the Data Structure, but it's not working.

    How can I make my external program aware of the current net price?


    Xe SP20 DB/400

    Xe SP 18.1

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    Re: Advanced Pricing - BC8


    I have just implemented a Basis Code 8 functionality at a client which gives them new functionality to accrue commissions. To accomplish this, I had to write a C BSFN to retrieve F4211 fields from cache. One of those fields is Net Price. So you may be able to adapt this BSFN for your own purposes. I'm attaching it.
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    Boris Goldenberg
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    Hi Boris,

    Is this C function still available? (I can't open the attachment - maybe its because the post is so old?).
    I'm trying to do exactly this at the moment but can't seem to retrieve some fields from the F4211 cache.


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    Hi again. I changed browsers then it worked. Thanks anyway.

    It works, but like the other only returns a small set of F4211 fields

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