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Thread: OneWorld/Oracle Question

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    OneWorld/Oracle Question

    We are using XE and have ERP 8 in testing. I want to copy all the secuirty information from XE to ERP 8. When I try to insert the F98OWSEC records from XE to ERP 8 by using INSERT INTO SYS7334.F98OWSEC SELECT * FROM SYS7333.F98OWSEC - I get the error ORA-00997: illegal use of LONG datatype. What is another way of doing this?? Thanks!

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    Re: OneWorld/Oracle Question

    You may want to try using an Oracle Export to export from the SYS7333 tablespace, and then use an Oracle Import to import it into SYS7334 tablespace.
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    Re: OneWorld/Oracle Question

    Don't remember the Oracle syntax, but I believe you need to use the VarChar.
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    Re: OneWorld/Oracle Question

    The syntax is right. BUT you can copy the tables with long type column using this syntax

    Try copy .. append command from sqlplus
    copy from user/password@abc to user/password@xyz
    append target_table using select * from source_table;

    Hope this help
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    RE: OneWorld/Oracle Question

    Hello, Melissa,
    Use table export/import. If you need the syntax, let me know.
    Are these two tables identical?

    Regards, Alex Shevchenko

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    Re: OneWorld/Oracle Question

    Thanks for the suggestion. This acutally worked to move the data but for some reason JDE didn't like it and when I tried to log in - told me that the accounts had been disable. But thanks for the suggestion because I have found other uses for COPY. Thanks!
    ERP 8 SP22 Oracle on SUN (Win2000 Apps Server)

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