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Thread: Citrix connection for JDE via Internet

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    Citrix connection for JDE via Internet

    To all JDE Gurus,
    Has anyone successfully connected to JDE via the Internet and their
    Citrix(Nfuse) box without websphere? We can from the office via internet
    and our Citrix box but we cannot connect from home. Now we are
    considering Remotely Possible or PC Anywhere. Ideally, from home, we
    want to connect to JDE from our Citrix box via the internet. Any ideas
    or comments.

    Kind regards, Gopal.
    OW Xe UP1, SP20H, Oracle 8.1.16, Solaris 8, Citrix MetaFrame XP

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    Kind regards,
    Gopal Kistasami
    Smiths Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd
    E1 9.0/9.1,SP,DB SE,OVM 2.2/3.2,WL 10.3.2

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    RE: Citrix connection for JDE via Internet

    First thing I would check is that you are using an Outside IP address to
    connect and not the Internal IP. You might have to get with your
    Network Admin. Ours works fine without Websphere.


    JDE E1 9.0 (
    GL, AP, AR, FA, Budget, Inventory, Purchasing. Working on Expense Management

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    RE: Citrix connection for JDE via Internet

    I imagine that it is as a result of your firewall blocking the connection.
    Terminal services web client requires the opening of an additional port to 80
    to allow access, and I imagine that nfuse works the same way. You should
    check what ports nfuse uses and then allow that port. This may obviously be
    a security breach, and a better solution may be to use a vpn to gain access
    to the office network
    Kieran Fitzgerald

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    RE: Citrix connection for JDE via Internet


    I had the same issue a few months ago, and a person at Citrix told me that
    the citrix box should have a network card facing the LAN and another network
    card facing Internet. Of course I think this could be a security problem and
    I'm still looking for another solution.

    XE SP 19.1 Update 5 Win2000 and MSSQL 7


    S.E. Ricardo Paz Castanon

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    Re: Citrix connection for JDE via Internet

    You should have absolutely no issue publishing your nfuse program neighbourhood across the internet and having a secure setup into OneWorld through a published application. You certainly dont need websphere !

    As for remotely possible or pcanywhere - forget it ! If you have to connect to a developer workstation try the FREE VNC application - a professional version is located at

    Jon Steel
    EnterpriseOne/SOA Technical Architect
    24/7 Assistance - (904) 382 5701

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    Re: Citrix connection for JDE via Internet

    Hi Gopal,
    There is no problem connecting to Citrix over the internet. What connection issue to you have ? Can you ping the external I/P address from your house ? If so, you should be able to connect.
    I've been doing it for about 4 years without problems.
    Feel free to contact me if you need help.
    SQL 2000 SP1, One World XE Update 7, SP 20 H1, Metaframe XP

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    Re: Citrix connection for JDE via Internet

    I assume that you have a firewall and, if I understand correctly you can connect from work (inside the firewall) and can't from home (outside the firewall).

    If you have one, make sure that your firewall allows the ports used by Citrix to be passed.

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