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Thread: Pass UBE name & parameter

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    Pass UBE name & parameter

    Hi list
    Are there any way in OW can call UBE pass UBE name, version and paramaters at same time?. as we know BF "Launch Batch UBE" can pass UBE name and version but no parameters allowed, report interconnect (UBE) allow to pass parameters but have to hard-code UBE/version name.

    Thanks in advance

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    The UBE name is hard coded but the version can be passed from parameters. One example: create a data structure including alias VERS, create a demo application or business function to call that UBE using 'Report Interconnect (UBE)' in event rules, double-click that event rule, click the button 'Change version', then choose that parameter. So the UBE version will be dynamic from the parameter passed in.
    See Version:BF szVersion below.
    ---example: ---
    00013 Call UBE:R5542565D Version:BF szVersion
    BF mnDocumentOrderInvoiceE [DOCO] <> mnSalesOrderNumber [DOCO]
    BF szOrderType [DCTO] -> szSalesOrderType [DCTO]
    BF szCompanyKeyOrderNo [KCOO] -> szSalesOrderCompany [KCOO]
    BF cErrorCode [ERRC] <- cErrorCode [ERRC]
    BF mnDocVoucherInvoiceE [DOC] -> mnReprintInvoiceNoFrom [DOC]
    BF mnDocVoucherInvoiceE [DOC] <> mnReprintInvoiceNoTo [DOC4]
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    Why you would answer to 15years old post?.
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    And because many people are interested, myself included.
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