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Thread: Tracking Modifications

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    Tracking Modifications

    does anyone have a good document or know of one on KG, that is used to track
    mods, enhancements, etc. to One World so that they may be retrofitted or
    whatever after an upgrade???

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    Re: Tracking Modifications

    I use this
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    Jean Driscoll
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    Re: Tracking Modifications


    We have a simple document format (in Lotus Notes) for tracking/documenting custom changes to OneWorld objects.

    Since its in a Notes database we have one document per object - titled by object name + description.

    Contents of the document are a grid/table with 5 columns:
    Mod Date, Change Description, Version, Who, Why.

    Generally we only document a description of what was changed and why - not a detailed blow by blow. We use Compare tools to identify and migrate actual customizations when we have to upgrade.

    This process worked well for us in re-applying changes to objects in our B73.3.1 to B73.3.3 upgrade.

    Larry Jones
    E1 9.2 - TR on Win 2016 R2. SQL Server 2016
    Wintel, BI Publisher

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