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Thread: Broker Fees

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    Broker Fees

    Broker Fees - Can a Broker fee line be added via Adv Pricing at order entry as a % of total order value if multiple lines ? If yes, when an associated line on the order is cancelled, should running the reprice UBE (R42750) recalc the Brokers Fee value based upon the new order value ? (B7.333)

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    RE: Broker Fees

    Yes, to both questions. I think that repricing should cancel the order
    level discount and recalculate the discount line. If you are doing basket
    repricing, then the basket discount should be recalculated for each line on
    the order.

    Note: If you are using order discounts, then the separate line that is
    created (separate F4211)is difficult to manage. It is easy to see it wind
    up invoiced separately if you are not careful.

    Andy Klee

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    Re: Broker Fees

    Yes on both accounts... it should cancel the line created and recalculate

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    RE: Broker Fees

    Yes, you can set up an order level adjustment to add an extra line to your sales order, if changing the order you can reprice this order (via a processing option you allow multiple repricing).
    Keep in mind that you have to cancel the initial generated broker line manually, otherwise you end up with two broker lines.

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    Andre Jille

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