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Thread: Historical stock status as on a particular date...

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    Historical stock status as on a particular date...

    Is it possible to write a worldwriter for finding stock status as on particular date? The date selected could be user defined. Does any one have such report developed and on which files should it be based on?
    (As far as I know, cardex shows running balance and this is dynamically calculated. I doubt if any file stores this information on continuous basis, but thought that someone may have suggestion to make).

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    RE: Historical stock status as on a particular date...

    Have a look at the F41112 file. It's a running balance file with period
    buckets. It was designed for exactly the purpose you are looking for. If
    you don't have any data in the file, there's a program to run on G4122, the
    Item Ledger As Of Generation.

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    Re: Historical stock status as on a particular date...


    why not using the As of situation of Oneworld G4122 ?

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