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Thread: Adjust Due Date to a future date on Billing records due to COVID-19

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    Adjust Due Date to a future date on Billing records due to COVID-19

    We have a request from Business to move the Due Dates on the billings from 4/1/2020 to 6/1/2020

    The Recurring billings have already been posted . And business does not want to unbill and rebill all of it again.

    Please advise .
    1. Would sql-ing the new due dates into JDE Billing tables work?
    2. Which tables will need the Due dates sql-ed/updated?
    3. Which date fields on JDE tables need to be considered for the due date updates
    4. Is there any other way to update due dates other than via SQL
    5. How do we make sure everything works as expected with this change to due dates on the tables?
    6. What other tests should we run to make sure nothing breaks due to to this data update

    Would appreciate a quick reply.

    - Currently working on E1 9.2, TR , SQL 2016 , Microsoft windows x64 (64 bit), IE 11
    - Worked on E1 9.0 ,TR , SQL 2008 R2 , IE 11
    - have worked on B7322, XE Release B7333, B7334 (as400/sql 2005 Win 2003); E1 8.12(Oracle 10g OAS

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    Hello, hard times!!! Hope you and your family is safe!
    So, you could use the P03B114 - Speed Status Change for AR, instead a SQL. You can select as many records as you want, click Global Update, select the new Due Date, and Press OK. It is done. In here you can also update the status, and many other fields as you can when you open the screen, please be aware you can see the Due Date and the Discount due date. (see attachment)
    To get there:
    >Accounts Receivable
    > Daily Processing
    > Manual Receipts Processing
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    1. Yes
    2. F03B11 AR Customer Ledger
    3. RPDDJ Due Date and the audit fields - something like this:

    update pddta.f03B11
    set rpddj=120153, --6/1/2020
    rpuser='SHEEBA', rppid='SQL', rpjobn='SQL', --AUDIT FIELDS
    rpupmj=120080, rpupmt=084000 --TODAY'S DAY AND TIME
    where rpddj=120092; --4/1/2020

    4. Yes, P03B114 Speed Status Update. Search for and select all invoices with due date 4/1/2020, click Row > Global, enter Due Date 6/1/2020 and check the Update box, and click OK.
    5. View invoices via P03B114 Speed Status Update or P03B2002 Customer Ledger Inquiry
    6. Run R03B500X AR Statements, confirm the new due date, and send them to your customers
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