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Thread: Freight rates

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    Freight rates

    Iam currently working on the Transportation module in jD. I want to know if it is possible to have a 3 -dimensional lookup for calculating freight rates. The freight rates should be calculated on three parameters
    1. weight / destination matrix for rate
    2. no. of pieces.
    In other words, the system must first check the weight of individual items of the shipment and find the correct rate after matching the same with teh weight/destination matrix. The resultant rate must then be multiplied with the number of pieces of that items.
    All the calculated item freight values must be summed to arrive at the shipment value
    for example :
    there are three items A / B/ C each of weight 10/20/30 . These items of numbers 2 / 3/ 2 form a shipment mooving to destination x / y / z.
    I made a weight table as
    label from to
    w1 1 10
    w2 11 20
    w3 21 30
    I create a destination table using Postal code as
    Label from to
    x 400001 400010
    y 400011 400020
    z 400021 400030
    The above two table is then used to create a weight/destination matrix as
    w1 w2 w3
    x 1 5 6
    y 2 6 10
    z 5 8 10

    Using the above , the system should calculate as follows
    Item A of weight 10 moving to x
    rate = 1
    value = 2(pieces) * 1 = 2
    Item B of weight 20 moving to y
    rate = 6
    value = 3(pieces) * 6 = 18
    Item C of weight 30 moving to z
    rate = 10
    value = 2(pieces) * 10 = 20

    The total shipment value 2 + 18 20 = 40

    Can the above be done in JD ???????????????

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    It can be done in JD, but it won't be easy. I usually contact Cargolution for freight costs.

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