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Thread: Mass Cancel Purchase Orders

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    Mass Cancel Purchase Orders

    Can the EDI process be used to mass cancel purchase orders? Or is there another method anyone has found to complete this task?

    If you have found a method, is there a way to duplicate it automatically? Meaning, every Monday, I want to run a process that will cancel all PO's that are more than six months past due...

    Thanks in advance.

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    There is a batch program that I have used in the past to do a batch cancel, however it only works for nonstock or expenditure type orders. It is the encumbrance rollover R4317.
    It would seem this could also be accomplished through use of an orchestration.

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    Hi Marcia, looking for the similar thing, has it worked for you canceling expenditure PO using R4317? and option what sort of options available in Orchestration. Is there're a standard process to cancel PO using this?

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