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Thread: F0411 Direct Update caused "Processing..." the Supplier Voucher Entry Screen

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    F0411 Direct Update caused "Processing..." the Supplier Voucher Entry Screen

    I need to update the below purchase order information once the user press OK in Supplier Voucher Entry ( P0411)


    The above fields are not critical fields so that I'm trying to do a simple update operation in the Post Button Clicked event of the voucher entry screen. The code is given below. But when the system execute the update statement, it goes to "Processing..." and does not end.

    Listing of ER for Application : A/P Standard Voucher Entry (P0411)
         FORM: Enter Voucher - Payment Information [HEADERLESS DETAIL] (W0411A)
         CONTROL:  BUTTON PR - Save
         EVENT:  Post Button Clicked
    0001 // FN-18-08-05-D--------Start
    0002 If VA frm_PR_ValidateAgaintSADV is equal to "1"
    0003    // RAUF
    0004    // 07/11/2018
    0005    // Auto Fill PO Number
    0006    If FC PR - Order Number is greater than <Blank>
    0007       // Update the Purchase Order info in F0411 ( F0411.PO, F0411.PDCT, F0411.PKCO
    0008       // )
    0009       //
    0010       VA frm_PR_PurchaseOrder_PO = [FC PR - Order Number]
    0011       F0411.Update
                  FC Company =  TK Document Company
                  FC Document Number =  TK Document (Voucher, Invoice, etc.)
                  FC Document Type =  TK Document Type
                  FC PR - Order Company -> TK Document Company (Purchase Order)
                  VA frm_PR_PurchaseOrder_PO -> TK Purchase Order
                  FC PR - Order Type -> TK Document Type - Purchase Order
    0012       VA frm_PR_PurchaseOrder_PO = [FC PR - Order Number]
    0013    End If
    0014    //
    0015    // FN-18-08-05-D--------End
    0016 End If
    Wednesday November 07, 2018  15:25
    JDE Professional
    JDE E1 8.12 | TR 8.96.40 | Windows XP SP 3

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    Hello Rauf,

    maybe you need to have your update "in transaction".

    I hope it would be sufficient to have an "open" TableIO statement (with "transaction" flag checked) before and a "close" TableIO statement after your update TableIO statament.

    Kind regards,


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