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Thread: Debugging with Patwel's Object Browser

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    Craig's JDE Trace and JDE Object Browser are the first two things I install when I turn up on a new site - they're like caffeine; can't function without 'em!

    To add to the discussion about debugging business functions started by DB... a couple of other very handy features I don't think anyone mentioned are:

    - Having spent ages setting up the right parameters to test, you can save these parameters (and also the whole workspace/set of tabs open) so after your fat client cr@ps itself, as it does, and you have to exit and restart it, you can restore your carefully crafted test case.
    - You can copy BSFN parameters from a call viewed in JDETrace and paste it into the Object Browser. No need to type in all 87 parameters into your SOE MBF!
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    This is easily the best thread I have read in a long time. I just tracked down a BSFN issue in under 2 minutes using this process.

    Just a thought as an addition...

    Create a jdedebug log to gather parameters for your call, then use the save/load parameters functionality within object browser to allow for repeatable tests with little setup time.
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