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Thread: How to get a Subsystem to produce an output

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    How to get a Subsystem to produce an output

    Hi folks,

    I've just written a subsystem to help with our shipping info. All this is working fine except I now have no visibility of it's output.

    I see the record added to F986113, I see it then clear down, I can also see all the relevant database updates occurring in F4943 F4216 too. So I know it works, I just have no trace or CSV/PDF that this job ever executed.

    So how do I get get my subsystem to produce it's CSV each time? I need this as if there is an error I am reporting them in the CSV


    John Danter
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    Hi John,
    This might not be exactly relevant to what you are asking but have you thought about utilizing JDE Work Center?

    It is standard and very convenient way of communicating messages (errors, warnings) from UBEs and can be easily instrumented to expose those to Splunk/Grafana etc.
    Serg Kurian
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    Hi Serg

    Yes I use this often, I love it. I meant the actual UBEs output. I email people if things go wrong and direct them to the job number but I'd like them to be able to see the PDF themselves.
    But I could always attach it to the email

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    Subsystems don't produce a PDF per trigger. Going from memory here ... the PDF only appears when you end the subsystem is ended and IIRC it will be the most recent triggered run of the job.

    If you want the PDF from each triggered event, I think could have your subsystem be a driver and do async launches of the PDF producing UBE (into a different queue if the subsystem queue is not multithreaded)
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