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Thread: Pre-Collaborate 18

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    Pre-Collaborate 18


    Who's going to Collaborate next week?

    Who has sessions (what and when)?

    Share - and let's do a meet-up. Don't forget the Geek-Meet!

    Daniel Bohner
    Independent E1 Developer/Techno-Functional Consultant
    www.JDERESEARCH.COM | 208.495.4JDE

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    I'll be there for sure! Below are some of the Tech-related sessions.

    Day & Time Title Location
    4/22 -12:30pm JDE E1 Tech SIG General Meeting Lagoon B
    4/22 - 1:45pm Development Roundtable I Lagoon B
    4/22 - 1:45pm Security SIG Roundtable Lagoon C
    4/22 – 3:00pm System Admin Roundtable I Lagoon B
    4/23 – 9:45am Developer Panel – Ask Us Anything Lagoon A
    4/23 – 1:15pm JD Edwards Roadmap Mandalay Bay Ballroom J
    4/23 – 8:15pm Geek Meet 2018 Lagoon K
    4/24 – 9:45am What’s New with JD Edwards Tools Mandalay Bay Ballroom B
    4/26 – 9:45am System Admin Roundtable II Lagoon F
    4/26 –11:00am Development Roundtable II Lagoon F
    Don Sauve
    Wagstaff, Inc.
    E1 9.1, Win2012 R2, Oracle, TR, WebLogic 12.1.3, BI Publisher
    Moving to: E1 9.2, Win2016, SQL Server 2016, TR, WebLogic 12.2.1, BI Publisher

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