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Thread: Export Permit Process

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    Export Permit Process

    Has anyone developed a process for export permits - notification, preventing products from being shipped?

    We manufacture products for both in-country and export business. And not all our exported items require permits.

    I was headed down the path to use a default Lot Status Code in the purchasing / manufacturing branches. Then we'd run a nightly report showing all the products with that Lot Status Code so our regulatory team would know of any new receipts / WO completions.

    The lot hold code would remain on the product until the regulatory team removed the code. Using the allowing lot status, I could transfer the inventory internally, up until the international transfer order.

    However, this morning, I realized that I can't put two lot hold codes on the same product - so if the product needs to be tested by QA, we'll run into an issue. QA certainly could put the lot back on hold, but I'm not confident that will happen (manual processes are always sketchy).

    Are there any other ideas of what is available to help with this process?

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    your Idea is good why you need an other idea.

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    I'm trying to automate the best way possible. Additionally, once the item is taken off "regulatory" hold, the regulatory team doesn't know to begin or continue with the permit process. But I do appreciate your support of the idea - I'll keep playing with this one to see if I can find automation opportunities.

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