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Thread: Special characters sorting and data selection

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    Special characters sorting and data selection

    We are on E1 apps 9.0, tools

    We have a request to have a report that will have data selection for RPRMK in F0411 to be LIKE 'BKGD'. In JDE we do not have the option to do a LIKE, so we have to select a range such as from 'BKGD' thru 'BKGDZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ'.

    But what if we encounter a special character. We are seeing in our test data that this field could have a value of 'BKGD/ABCD'. This BKGD/ is being selected by our data selection, which is what we want. But i've not been able to found exactly how special characters are treated in data selection.

    I've looked but could not find a collating or sorting sequence list in JDE that would tell my exactly how special characters are treated when they are found in a field being used for a data selection range.

    Also, would be interested in any other ways are treating a request to do a LIKE in JDE.

    Thanks for your input

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    The collating sequence depends on your database that is executing the SQL. Look to your database documentation for info on options for collating sequences and where the special characters are ranked in that.
    As you've said, you create a range, from BKGD and right pad with the lowest character in your collating sequence (usually blank), and BKGD and right pad with the highest character in your collating sequence (usually Z or 9).

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    Well I don't have a "UBE data selection" solution for you. However, if you wanted to make the report a "2-stage" report, what you're asking can be done. You could use a c-bsfn to extract the data you need and store that data in a temporary table (work file), then run the report over the records in the work file.

    The c-bsfn can utilize the JDB_ api, which does allow for the use of LIKE comparisons. See JDB_SetSelectionX and any examples you can find in base code. Unfortunately, I am not at a place right now where I can look up that detail and I don't have it committed to memory. but you will populate a a certain member of a NEWSELECTSTRUCT data structure with the comparison value that represents LIKE.
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    Special chars will all have an ASCII value (and decimal value) and that is the sequence fields are sorted in

    Look here and you'll see that & is greater than % for example
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