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    You could always prop up a Windows ES and map a custom function to make things simpler?

    Just tossing more dirt into the mud. Eventually it will thicken up to a solution?

    Daniel Bohner
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    Quote Originally Posted by Larry_Jones View Post

    Won't B34A1030 attempt to execute on the server in a web environment?
    It should work as I'm guessing he uses IE to launch the web page of his APPL anyway.
    I've used that BSFN for so many things on the web server over the years

    Even calling DOS commands and swapping/copying files to change a jpeg image on the screen
    John Danter
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    Actually it shouldn't work at all in a Web Environment as far as affecting things on the client.
    You can use it quite safely in a UBE to do things such as copy files on a server, but its going to execute on the Enterprise/Batch server - not on the Web Server and definitely not on the client.
    Larry Jones
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