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Thread: C String Compare of 2 different length fields.

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    Question C String Compare of 2 different length fields.


    I am needing to compare the returned value from the GetUDC (Description001) that contains a single value in the first position to a "Y". Everything I've tried fails with errors related to CHAR issues.

    Thank you in advanced,

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    Errors in the C?

    Maybe you can use the other already written BSFNs to do this?
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    It would help to see your code, but it should look something like this:

    /*assuming dsUDC is the data structure used in the X0005 call*/
    if (dsUDC.szDescription001[0] == _J('Y'))
        /* First CHAR in szDescription001 is Y.  In C "strings" are arrays of characters */
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    Yes, using the X0005....and that did work. Thank you......


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