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Thread: 9.2 Standalone problem with ER Editor

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    9.2 Standalone problem with ER Editor

    I have Standalone installed in Widows 10 and everything works as expected with one exception: when I open UBE of APP design tool (rda.exe / fda.exe) and try to add Table IO it will hang the tool after I select table I want to use and click on next (rda.exe/fda.exe will consume 30% - 50% CPU until killed and once every 2 minutes it will create memory dump in E920\system\bin32). I have updated TR to but it did not fix the issue. Is anybody else facing this issue?

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    Whilst this shouldn't be needed on a standalone, try and 'get' the specs of that table before hand....?

    And when you updated the TR, did you build a new package?
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