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Thread: E1 - environment / library list on iSeries

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    E1 - environment / library list on iSeries

    I need for TSTQGPL to be ahead of QGPL when running jobs from E1 in DV, PY, JDV and JPY. This is a test library and I need to execute programs from this library instead of QGPL. This is for all DV, PY, JDV and JPY users. These users may have access as well to PD and JPD but I don't want that library in the list for these environments. For example if I call a program *LIBL/PGM1 using the business function Execute External Program from DV I want it to use the PGM1 in TSTQGPL, but if I do the same while in PD I want it to use the PGM1 in QGPL. Is there a CNC solution for this?

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    It's been a while by I believe this command "addlible TSTQGPL *first" will put the library ahead of QGPL. Having said that, logging out will undo this. I think the library list is in the user profiles *JOBD so you could make the change there in which case TSTQGPL will always be ahead of QGPL.

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    Set the library list with a job description

    When a job is submitted, the library list is set from the job description of the AS/400 user submitting the job. So for E1, the user submitting is ONEWORLD, I do believe. Check the library list in the *JOBD QGPL/ONEWORLD. If it is not ONEWORLD it is the system user's job definition.
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