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Thread: Unit price does not print

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    Unit price does not print

    Hello all,

    I have an issue with an OP that when is printed the Unit Price and Extended Cost does not appear this happen for only one supplier. I have made some test and I literally copied to my supplier the set up for a supplier that prints the unit price and still does not work. What more can I do to get the unit price in the PO?

    I really appreciate the comments.


    Isabel Quiroga

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    Under Supplier Master revision (P04012|W04012A) 'Purchasing 2' tab, put a 'Y' for print Pick list field....and it should do the trick., Thanks
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    Hello Aaro! The supplier is set up like this and stiel does not work

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    Check process options on R43500 (PO Print) for "Report Display".
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    I was on a mistake and I did what you said and the order was printed. Thank you.

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