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Thread: R03B50D and Negative Pay Items

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    R03B50D and Negative Pay Items


    Has anyone modified R03B50D to properly handle/retrieve negative pay items, i.e. in essence having R03B50D function similar to R03B50E (which take into account negative pay items), and how extensive and intrusive was this modification? The gap we are trying address is as stated on Oracle's White Paper as follows:

    "E1: 03B: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Algorithms for Automatic Receipt Processing (aka Auto Cash) Within EnterpriseOne Accounts Receivable (R03B50A, R03B50B, R03B50D, R03B50E, R03B50F) (Doc ID 2023663.1)

    Question 7: Why does the Known Invoice Match with Amount (R03B50D) sometimes correctly apply receipts to all pay items even if the pay item is not defined in the Electronic Receipts Input (F03B13Z1)?

    Answer 7: If all pay items on an invoice are for a positive amount and no pay items are specified in the Electronic Receipts Input (F03B13Z1), the system applies the receipt to all pay items correctly as long as the records contain the appropriate PO values. This functionality exists in in Xe as well as in 8.11 SP1. However, if the invoice has pay items with negative amounts, the receipt is not applied to all pay items. Consider the following as an example:
    •Pay Item 001: 1000
    •Pay Item 002: 200-
    •Receipt Total: 800

    If using the Automatic Receipts process and the Known Invoice Match with Amount (R03B50D) without specifying the pay item, the system applies the receipt to first pay item only'


    EnterpriseOne 8.10

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    In E1 9.2, a new enhancement was added to allow zero or negative value receipts to be included in the automatic receipts process in order to resolve the following issues:

    To clear a credit memo with a negative value receipt.
    To match a negative or zero value receipt to several invoices and credit memos that add up to a negative or zero amount.
    To clear a zero dollar invoice with a zero value receipt.
    Note: The system does not allow negative value receipts with an unapplied amount.


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    I am looking into the same issue. "According" to the end user, they were able to process RM's in 9.0 but not now in 9.2 (live December 13). I confirmed it using standard objects in 9.2 (R03B551 and R03B50). I am waiting for the next RM in Cash Receipts to confirm whether they are using standard objects or not. I did check the code for 9.0 against Pristine and did not find any changes.
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