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Thread: BSSV development, how to convert mathnumeric and integers?

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    For Internal, you have to format like below for math numeric
    public void setMnQBEOrderNumber_DOCO(Integer iQBEOrderNumber_DOCO)
    if (iQBEOrderNumber_DOCO != null)
    this.mnQBEOrderNumber_DOCO = new MathNumeric(iQBEOrderNumber_DOCO);

    For Publish, format would be like below for math numeric

    public void setMnJobNumber_Out(MathNumeric mnJobNumber_Out)
    if (mnJobNumber_Out != null)
    this.mnJobNumber_Out = new Integer(mnJobNumber_Out.intValue());

    For Amount, cost or line number it would be bid decimal.
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    Conversions in JAVA (BSSV) :

    MathNumeric to Integer :

    private Integer addressNumber = null;

    public void setAddressNumber(MathNumeric addressNumber) {
    this.addressNumber = new Integer(addressNumber.intValue());

    Integer to MathNumeric :

    private MathNumeric addressNumber = null;

    public void setAddressNumber(Integer addressNumber) {
    this.addressNumber = new MathNumeric(addressNumber);

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